Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


ok, first off i would like to say that i KNOW that i spelled weird wrong on my blog header. well, actually my mom spelled it wrong. i spelled it right, but she was so completely convinced that it was incorrect that i ended up changing it. and now im too lazy to fix it! go figure...
anyways, on the 29th i flew out to utah with some neighbors who didnt know me enough to realize what they were getting into. jk:) we didnt get to utah until three o'clock in the morning because our flight was delayed two and a half hours. by that time, the people who were going to pick me up were fast asleep. so i stayed with my neighbors for the night and my best friend picked me up in the morning. we had a lot of fun hanging out for a couple days. then we went to the fourth (third) of july party where i ate three cotton candys, three things of popcorn, and two nachos. but best of all, it was all free!!!!!!!!!!! we also went to lagoon which was SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone had a blast. then i went to las vegas with my aunt and cousins. we spent most of our time swimming. we also went to the M&M store, MGM grand, the coca cola store, and an awesome petshop that had monkeys. then my aunt picked me up and we drove to california, which is where i am now. i will post some pictures in a little while.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tan, tan, and sunburnt- a tale of blisters and brown skin

If there was EVER a reason to wear a strapless swimsuit, THAT is it my friends.

Now here is a comparison between (top) person who stays cooped up in their house for months on end with the A/C on high, and (bottom) someone who goes swimming every day.

Big difference, huh?

And the one time "person who stays cooped up in their house for months on end with the A/C on high" DARES to venture outside:

Yep. When your sunburn is powerful enough to fry the zits right off your nose and replace them with blisters the size of your nostril... you know its bad.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we went to our neighbors parents house. We had so much fun!!!!! They had an awesome pool complete with a diving board and water slide. They also had a pond and a playground. We stuck with swimming. We ate Ribs, burgers, and plenty of fried food. YUM!!!!!!!!

One half of the pool is about two and a half feet deep, and then it drops of to ten feet. that is where the diving board and slide are.

birds, turtles, and frogs II

I said I would post pictures, so here they are: this is the birds nest in the lawn chair
we found both these box turtles on the same day in the same spot, but they are two completely different kinds, you can tell by the shell. we were gonna keep them for a couple days, but they both miraculously escaped...

these are the four frogs we found. The top left one was so cute! he was bright green on top and yellow underneath. and just so you know, yes, the blob in the top right corner IS a toad, not a chunk of who knows what...

this is the one that peed all over Dad:) we found him in the middle of the road. Its Dads twin!!!!!!!

look at how cute he is! this was possible my favorite one. I caugh him with my fishing pole :) He was by the shore so i put my bait in and would chase after it, but would swim away before I could grab him out of the water. Eventually I got tired and decided to just snag his shell with my hook.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


yesterday was moms b-day. I was gone most of the day doing a yardsale for girls' camp, but when i got back i babysat so mom, dad, and the neighbors could go out to eat. when they got back, we all went outside to eat the cake i made the day before (mom picked the flavors, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting) and ate ice cream. sadly we didnt have enough candles, but i think mom was grateful for that...


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So i guess im coming down to utah for the summer! Yay! Ive been saving money ever since we moved to georgia. Im going to be there from June 29 to July 20. I will also be going to California and probably palisades. I cant wait to see everyone! the weather is going to be a bit different though... lately we have been going swimming every day! our neighbors parents have 90 acres of land, including a big pond and a swimming pool that they let us swim in. they have the cutest kids! i babysit for them, and they are mostly the reason i get to fly out. they have to boys, four and two years old, and a little girl that is a couple months old. they are also the closest people to us in our ward.
Grandma Simons has also helped a lot with the money for me to come, also. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! And of course my mom, who bought the ticket in the first place. Now i just have to pay her back...
and thanks to Alicia, for letting me come to the beach house with you! Oh, and the Smiths, who pretty much set the whole thing up and made it possible for me to actually come! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!